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University of Ulster in Belfast

Wednesday 27th of October 2010

BelfastUniversity of Ulster

in association with


The Northern Ireland Biomedical Engineering Society

Full sponsor list and further information
NOTE: demonstration equipment available for your samples: Nikon SEM, Thermo FTIR


Prof Duncan Graham
(University of Strathclyde)
Dr. Paula Mendes
(University of Birmingham)
Prof Peter Weightman
(University of Liverpool)
Dr. Rachel Williams
(University of Liverpool)
Dr. Cristina Flors
(University of Edinburgh)
Dr. John Haycock
(University of Sheffield)
Prof Brian J. Meenan
(University of Ulster)
Miss Chin Fhong Soon
(University of Bradford, winner
SSBII-11 student poster prize)

Mr. Jonathon Ratcliffe
(University of Nottingham)

Dr. Dimitrios Zeugolis
(NUI Galway)
Dr. Colin Coates
( Andor Technology)




Final call for abstracts
Programme (updated 5/10/'10)
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